July 5, 2021

Our Covid-19 Cleaning protocol : A breath of fresh air

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent global health crisis has been a crushing blow for the hospitality and tourism sectors. Since March 2020, governments throughout the world have had to implement drastic measures to stop the spread of the virus, often at the expense of the economy and public services.

As travel restrictions are gradually lifted and tourism becomes a plausible option in many parts of the world, Personal Villas is proud to have developed new cleaning protocols that make guests feel confident about visiting us. It is our belief that through international collaboration and collective effort, the tourism industry can be reconstructed to meet the demands for increased sanitation and safe travel options. For that reason, we have been 100% committed to developing new hygiene procedures and adjusting our daily operations. Our company will always prioritize the safety of workers, guests and communities over profit.
Our transformation

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, our ongoing course of action has been to stay up to date with the advice and recommendations issued by the World Health Organisation, the Center for Disease Control and the governments of the countries in which we offer luxury villa rentals. Our management team conducted an in-depth review of our pre-pandemic health and safety protocols and implemented a strategy on how best to improve them based on expert opinion. This examination focussed on all aspects of our guests’ stay, from check-in to check-out, as well as housekeeping and cleaning procedures. Across worldwide locations, our team members were briefed on these rules, provided with intensive training and supplied with protective clothing and equipment.

By continuing to closely monitor the changes and guidelines of the local authorities and health services in the locations where we are based, Personal Villas can deliver the heartfelt customer service at the center of our company ethos. Our aim is to ensure that our guests receive the astounding long-awaited getaway they deserve and all the deluxe amenities of our villas, whilst observing strict sanitation measures. We understand the importance of being proactive and providing our patrons with accurate information at all times.

In order to make prospective travelers feel secure in our villas, we have designed a detailed guide of our sanitation protocols to address current health issues. Each of our luxury properties have also been equipped with resources and instructions on how to deal with confirmed coronavirus cases or lockdown during your stay.
How our staff are implementing the new cleaning protocols

It goes without saying that our staff are the backbone of Personal Villas and they play a crucial role in providing you with a five-star experience. Although every team member is qualified to carry out excellent cleaning, we have taken special measures to provide them with training on how to combat the spread of viruses. Cleaning suffices for removing dirt, grime and impurities, but disinfecting is essential for killing germs and, therefore, lowering the risk of infection. Here are some of the new processes undertaken by our team:

DISINFECTION: We have educated staff on how to carry out specific COVID-19 disinfection measures. Knowing that the virus can remain on surfaces from anywhere between two hours to nine days means there is a special onus on frequently cleaning high-contact areas within the villas. This includes door handles, windows, light switches, remote controls, taps and banisters.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Housekeeping staff are obliged to wear gloves and surgical masks at all times. When guests are present in the villas, our team will also use face shields to maximise protection.

SANITATION PRODUCTS: Staff are aware of which cleaning solutions they should use and how to safely handle chemical products. Most commonly these include diluted bleach solutions or alcohol-based solutions with at least 70% strength. According to the Environmental Protection Agency these are the only products effective against the coronavirus.

CLEANING LOGS: Before guests arrive, team members complete mandatory reports on the sanitation procedures used whilst preparing the villa. This allows our staff to not only confirm that they carried out each and every one of the new measures to the highest standard, but also provides a log for future housekeepers.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We have implemented strict social distancing rules so our staff will always maintain a safe physical distance of 1.5m - 2m from guests. These measures will be respected during any moment staff may be present in your villa, such as housekeeping, food and beverage delivery, and pool cleaning.

How our villas have adapted to new cleaning protocols

It is our responsibility to ensure guests enjoy their vacation in a hygienic and clean environment. The past year has brought about major changes so we have adapted and strengthened our villas to keep you safe, without compromising on quality. Whether you're travelling to Punta Mita , Puerto Vallarta , St-Martin or any of our top destinations, we are proud to say that our additional cleaning protocols have been a success as we have had the opportunity to combine our excellent customer care with increased security. Here are the COVID-19 preventative measures that we have integrated into our villas:

VENTILATION: We now closely monitor our ventilation systems and regularly update our air-conditioning filters. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines, windows and doors must remain open during housekeeping to properly ventilate the room after guests’ departure.

TOWELS & BEDDING: When it comes to laundry, all of our bed linen, mattress covers, bath towels, kitchen towels, bath mats and blankets are washed and dried at the warmest setting possible. Hot water kills the majority of germs, bacteria and dust mites that thrive in bedding. Our staff also wear gloves at all times when handling dirty laundry.

HAND HYGIENE: To ensure easy and frequent access to hand hygiene products, we have placed alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wipes in common areas.

STAFF PRESENCE: To give our guests even more peace of mind, we offer the option of minimizing staff presence at our villas. For example, this could include a check-in with one socially-distanced member of staff and less interaction. During your stay we could also arrange special food delivery times or a pool cleaning service that fit with your schedule. Our staff pride themselves on their ability to go above and beyond for guests, but we understand that in some circumstances less is more. Whatever your requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.